Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

I am crazy about Christmas decorating. However, I am not crazy about taking boxes and boxes of decorations out of storage and putting them away after the holidays. So, a few years ago, I decided to minimize my work but still have the spirit of Christmas all over the house.

The answer? Seven Christmas trees! Yes, you heard your brain right. Seven. Why not? I have all six trees pre-decorated every year but one. The seventh is the real pine tree. So, of course,that will have to be decorated as soon as the tree is cut down. Well, that used to be the case. This year, 2012, we decided that our seventh tree will be a faux tree as well.

So, without further ado, here are the seven Christmas trees!

Christmas Tree No. 1

This is the best way to highlight important or meaningful ornaments.

Christmas Tree No. 2

One way to decorate your foyer is to bring in a Christmas tree that is large enough to for the room but not to overpower the space.

Christmas Tree No. 3

My silver-themed Christmas tree is perfect for my kitchen! I have one little corner in the kitchen, off of the counter and on a small stand. Do you have a place for a tree in your kitchen?

Christmas Tree No. 4

Every basement shouldn’t be neglected around Christmas if you entertain in the space. Even a pencil type tree can add a lot of spirit to your holiday!

Christmas Tree No. 5

This angelic Christmas tree resides in the dining room every year…

Christmas Tree No. 6

I’ve always wanted to have a white Christmas tree. Unfortunately, I’ve had a difficult time finding a narrow tree in white, so I decided the next best thing. I chose all the ornaments and trimmings to be in white and it worked!

Christmas Tree No. 7

Finally, the last of the seven trees, the most important of all of them. This tree is in the family room where we gather mostly during the holiday season. Where all of the traditions happen. As we sit in front of her, memories of days gone by filter the air.

Sending you all my best,

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